The Ideal Strategy To Enhance Your Instagram Comments

The art of generating engagement depends first on the quality of your posts. This depends on several factors:

  • The quality of the photos published;
  • The ingenuity of the idea of ​​the post;
  • The “engaging” side of the caption (questions encourage comments);
  • The relevance of the chosen hashtags ;
  • The time and day of your post, which you must choose according to the connection habits of your target.

Other Parameters Come Into Play: 

  • The size of your audience;
  • Responding to comments with good responsiveness encourages engagement;
  • The sponsorship of your posts , is essential since the last update of the algorithm and the decline in organic reach;
  • Promoting your posts on your stories;
  • Sharing posts from your followers by mentioning them.

Have you received a flattering, even dithyrambic Instagram comment? It would be a shame to let it drown in the depths of the comments section. To give it the visibility it deserves, you can pin it. Here’s how to pin an Instagram comment :

  • Go to your Instagram profile;
  • Click on the post you want to pin a comment to;
  • If you have an Android smartphone, long-press the comment, then click the pin icon in the blue top bar. If you have an iOS smartphone, just swipe left on the comment in question and click on the pin icon.

Typically, Instagram will display up to two pinned comments per post on your followers’ News Feed.

How To Respond To An Instagram Comment?

There are several schools. Some will respond to all USA Instagram comments, regardless of their content. Others will simply respond to positive reviews. Still, others will simply answer the questions posed to them. How to answer? It all depends on your business, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There’s no rule, but it’s usually best to respond to negative reviews to neutralize them. Remain courteous and offer a solution and/or a commercial gesture to customers whose requests seem legitimate to you;
  • By responding to and “liking” positive reviews, you give them more visibility ;
  • More broadly, responding to comments in a professional manner is a factor of reassurance, especially if you sell on social networks.

How To Find A Comment On Instagram?

Go to app settings. Specifically, those who manage the display of an Instagram comment. You have the option to disable the algorithm that prioritizes Instagram comments you have replied to. So you can find all your comments more easily, in chronological order of their publication.