Instagram: How To Pin Comments On Your Posts

Instagram is constantly integrating new features into its mobile application. Recently, for example, it is possible to pin up to three comments, which will then be highlighted.

Back in May, Instagram introduced several features it wanted to ” fight against online bullying .” Among them, there is the possibility of pinning comments. As often with this kind of news, it was first tested by a handful of users. In a tweet posted on July 7, 2020, the social network announced that said feature was now available to everyone.

It’s not as strong as mass deleting derogatory phrases, but the opportunity to pin comments can be an additional ” anti-bullying online ” tool. This is a way to convey positive messages by highlighting those who deserve it.

How To Pin Comments On Instagram

Pinning comments on Instagram couldn’t be simpler. Just go to a post, choose a comment, and swipe left until you see a drop-down menu with four options. From left to right: Pin, Reply, Report, and Delete. The ‘pinning’ functionality is symbolized by a thumbtack logo. Click on it and the comment in question will appear just below the publication (on top of the others).

Its author will receive a notification informing them of their current popularity and the comment will display the mention ‘Pinned’.

You can pin a maximum of three comments per post: the last pinned will be the one that appears first in the list. Comment replies, on the other hand, cannot be individually pinned: they are part of a single block.

Regret a pinned comment? You can reconsider your choice. On the comment in question, swipe left again and click on the thumbtack logo.