Boost the visibility of positive comments, neutralize negative comments, and pin the most flattering opinions… All this will help improve your brand image and, why not, win you some customers! Stand out from your competitors! It’s time to learn the art of engagement on Instagram! In this article, we offer you to review everything you need to know about purchasing Instagram comments. Let’s go!

Instagram comment

The Instagram comment is one of the two ways that Internet users can interact with the content they browse on this social network. The other option is to simply “like” the post. Instagram commenting is also the most sought-after form of engagement by social media brands, influencers, and marketing aficionados. Here’s why : 

  • Unlike the “Like” which only requires a double-tap, on Instagram, the comment requires a real effort on the part of the Internet user. It is therefore a more active engagement that demonstrates a real interest in the post and its content.

  • The “Like” is not necessarily a relevant indicator. A great photo can generate “Likes” without generating leads.

For brands, comments are to Instagram what reviews are to TripAdvisor: an indicator of customer satisfaction. Want to leverage Instagram to boost your sales? Instagram comments deserve your full attention then because they can make and break your business performance!

Getting Positive Feedback Is Not Enough For Your Success

It is not enough to accumulate positive comments on Instagram to reassure your customers. Other factors come into play, such as visibility. Indeed, your post can very well generate 95% of positive comments and display a negative comment on the news feed of your followers. This situation occurs in the following cases: 

  • This is the most “liked” comment on the post.
  • You replied to this comment.
  • Comments made by someone the user follows may appear in their News Feed.
  • The comment is uploaded by default.

As you will have understood, Instagram comments deserve your attention, both quantitatively and qualitatively. For example, you can ” like ” positive comments, reply to them and pin some of them to give them more visibility. To do this, it will therefore be necessary to operate a flawless watch so as not to miss any comments.