6 Comments To Leave Under Your Crush’s Photos To Get Their Attention

If someone caught your eye on Instagram or your crush you met in real life is active there, this is a golden opportunity.

Before you go for the DMs right away, start with a few comments here and there on her most recent photos!

Here Are 6 Comments That Will Catch His Attention:       

  1. An Invite 

Under a photo of an activity that looks fun, you could indicate your interest by saying “I’m coming right away!”, or “Next time, I’m coming!”.

  1. Emojis 

If you prefer to go simple, a fire emoji under a particularly cute photo of the person will make them happy and grab their attention!

  1. Playing With His Interests 

If you have a common passion, like a TV show, game, or music group, you can leave a known quote under a photo, even if it’s unrelated! But don’t pretend to like something to please a person, it will catch up with you very quickly.

  1. Suggest Something 

If your crush posts a photo at a café you know well, take the opportunity to suggest your favorite drink! “Next time, you have to taste the rose water latte”, for example.

  1. A Compliment 

It’s simple, but it works! A little “Nice picture!” or “Excellent choice of outfit ”, does the job.

  1. Tag A Mutual Friend 

Take advantage of a post related to a mutual friend to establish that you hang out with the same kind of people.

Try these 6 types of comments, and if you see the person reacting, it’s time to slip into their private messages with a suggested activity.

But, in our opinion, you don’t even have to do that: the person will invite you first!