How To Use Instagram Comments To Improve Your Digital Strategy?

Boost the visibility of positive comments, neutralize negative comments, and pin the most flattering opinions… All this will help improve your brand image and, why not, win you some customers! Stand out from your competitors! It’s time to learn the art of engagement on Instagram! In this article, we offer you to review everything you need to know about purchasing Instagram comments. Let’s go!

Instagram comment

The Instagram comment is one of the two ways that Internet users can interact with the content they browse on this social network. The other option is to simply “like” the post. Instagram commenting is also the most sought-after form of engagement by social media brands, influencers, and marketing aficionados. Here’s why : 

  • Unlike the “Like” which only requires a double-tap, on Instagram, the comment requires a real effort on the part of the Internet user. It is therefore a more active engagement that demonstrates a real interest in the post and its content.

  • The “Like” is not necessarily a relevant indicator. A great photo can generate “Likes” without generating leads.

For brands, comments are to Instagram what reviews are to TripAdvisor: an indicator of customer satisfaction. Want to leverage Instagram to boost your sales? Instagram comments deserve your full attention then because they can make and break your business performance!

Getting Positive Feedback Is Not Enough For Your Success

It is not enough to accumulate positive comments on Instagram to reassure your customers. Other factors come into play, such as visibility. Indeed, your post can very well generate 95% of positive comments and display a negative comment on the news feed of your followers. This situation occurs in the following cases: 

  • This is the most “liked” comment on the post.
  • You replied to this comment.
  • Comments made by someone the user follows may appear in their News Feed.
  • The comment is uploaded by default.

As you will have understood, Instagram comments deserve your attention, both quantitatively and qualitatively. For example, you can ” like ” positive comments, reply to them and pin some of them to give them more visibility. To do this, it will therefore be necessary to operate a flawless watch so as not to miss any comments.

The Ideal Strategy To Enhance Your Instagram Comments

The art of generating engagement depends first on the quality of your posts. This depends on several factors:

  • The quality of the photos published;
  • The ingenuity of the idea of ​​the post;
  • The “engaging” side of the caption (questions encourage comments);
  • The relevance of the chosen hashtags ;
  • The time and day of your post, which you must choose according to the connection habits of your target.

Other Parameters Come Into Play: 

  • The size of your audience;
  • Responding to comments with good responsiveness encourages engagement;
  • The sponsorship of your posts , is essential since the last update of the algorithm and the decline in organic reach;
  • Promoting your posts on your stories;
  • Sharing posts from your followers by mentioning them.

Have you received a flattering, even dithyrambic Instagram comment? It would be a shame to let it drown in the depths of the comments section. To give it the visibility it deserves, you can pin it. Here’s how to pin an Instagram comment :

  • Go to your Instagram profile;
  • Click on the post you want to pin a comment to;
  • If you have an Android smartphone, long-press the comment, then click the pin icon in the blue top bar. If you have an iOS smartphone, just swipe left on the comment in question and click on the pin icon.

Typically, Instagram will display up to two pinned comments per post on your followers’ News Feed.

How To Respond To An Instagram Comment?

There are several schools. Some will respond to all USA Instagram comments, regardless of their content. Others will simply respond to positive reviews. Still, others will simply answer the questions posed to them. How to answer? It all depends on your business, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There’s no rule, but it’s usually best to respond to negative reviews to neutralize them. Remain courteous and offer a solution and/or a commercial gesture to customers whose requests seem legitimate to you;
  • By responding to and “liking” positive reviews, you give them more visibility ;
  • More broadly, responding to comments in a professional manner is a factor of reassurance, especially if you sell on social networks.

How To Find A Comment On Instagram?

Go to app settings. Specifically, those who manage the display of an Instagram comment. You have the option to disable the algorithm that prioritizes Instagram comments you have replied to. So you can find all your comments more easily, in chronological order of their publication.…

How To Mass Comment On Instagram Safely And Effectively

Leaving comments under the posts of potential followers is an excellent way to increase the interest rate for your account, and therefore the engagement rate, the frequency of visits to your profile, and the number of followers. However, an incorrect approach to comments can cause a lot of problems: from a temporary blocking of commenting activity to a complete ban on your account. Remember the following recommendations to avoid problems and improve the quality of engagement with your content on Instagram.

Don’t Leave Emoji-Only Comments

Some of these comments won’t have lasting consequences, but many comments like this containing only emojis can easily be considered spam or generated by a bot – both by their recipients and by Instagram’s spam detection algorithm.

Do Not Leave Single-Word Comments Of The Same Type

Generic comments like “Great”, “Beautiful”, and “Nice photo!”, can be left by anyone on any content. It won’t make the recipient feel special or set you apart from many other accounts that often leave such comments. In addition, massive comments of the same type of compliments may not only not bear fruit in the form of a response or a new subscriber, but also lead to both a temporary restriction of activity and an account ban.

Do Not Ask To Visit Your Website, Or Your Profile, To Participate In A Contest

If these comments are not reported by the recipient first, they will be deleted by Instagram’s anti-spam algorithm. Invitations to visit your profile, requests for likes and subscriptions, call to enter your contest, or buy something at a discount, even if not many, can have very unpleasant consequences, especially if they are sent en masse. Never leave comments like this.

Keep An Eye On The Ratio Of Likes And Comments Per Day

When manually interacting with posts directly from the Instagram app, we normally don’t worry about leaving fewer likes than comments – we almost unconsciously maintain a balance. However, the situation changes when we automate actions. On average, Instagram users leave at least 30-40% more likes than comments. Keep this information in mind when assigning tasks for mass likes and comments via Combin.

Avoid Sudden Changes Inactivity

This is particularly relevant for those who are just starting out using Combin or incorporating mass comments into their audience growth strategy but should also be considered by experienced users when assigning daily tasks. mass action. Consistency is very important in automating activities, as any sudden change is a reason to assume that either the scammers have taken over the account or there is intentional automation of activities by third-party services by the account owner (this which is prohibited on Instagram). Do not speed up your daily actions on Instagram, gradually increase and decrease their number.

Leave Informative And Unique Comments

Instead of leaving one-word, innocuous comments, try a less mundane route. Tell the recipient why their post caught your attention instead of expressing general approval. Think about what motivated the author to post their photo or write the caption, what they like about their post, and what they would like to hear about it. Think of words that could not leave the author indifferent, words that could start a discussion, and therefore attract real interest in your account. Yes, it’s more difficult than writing “Great photo!” and stopping there, but it’s an approach that brings you quality interaction, and a new loyal audience, and prevents any suspicion of spam or automated activity.…

6 Comments To Leave Under Your Crush’s Photos To Get Their Attention

If someone caught your eye on Instagram or your crush you met in real life is active there, this is a golden opportunity.

Before you go for the DMs right away, start with a few comments here and there on her most recent photos!

Here Are 6 Comments That Will Catch His Attention:       

  1. An Invite 

Under a photo of an activity that looks fun, you could indicate your interest by saying “I’m coming right away!”, or “Next time, I’m coming!”.

  1. Emojis 

If you prefer to go simple, a fire emoji under a particularly cute photo of the person will make them happy and grab their attention!

  1. Playing With His Interests 

If you have a common passion, like a TV show, game, or music group, you can leave a known quote under a photo, even if it’s unrelated! But don’t pretend to like something to please a person, it will catch up with you very quickly.

  1. Suggest Something 

If your crush posts a photo at a café you know well, take the opportunity to suggest your favorite drink! “Next time, you have to taste the rose water latte”, for example.

  1. A Compliment 

It’s simple, but it works! A little “Nice picture!” or “Excellent choice of outfit ”, does the job.

  1. Tag A Mutual Friend 

Take advantage of a post related to a mutual friend to establish that you hang out with the same kind of people.

Try these 6 types of comments, and if you see the person reacting, it’s time to slip into their private messages with a suggested activity.

But, in our opinion, you don’t even have to do that: the person will invite you first!…

How To See All Your Comments On Instagram?

Most of us spend a lot of time on Instagram every day, and we often leave comments. However, if you want to find all your comments, you cannot check them directly on Instagram, but they are saved on Instagram servers. The company allows you to request your data, and with this, you can also request all your feedback.

Here’s how you can see all of your comments on Instagram.

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Go to the Instagram app and open it. If you are not logged in, enter your login credentials.
  • Now tap the profile icon in the lower right corner.
  • Once logged in, tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner and tap Settings.
  • In the settings, find the Security section and tap on it.
  • Now navigate to the Download Data section and tap on it.
  • Confirm your email and enter your password.
  • The request will be sent to the company and the system will send you the link, which you can use to download the data within 48 hours.
  • Head to your email account, open the email, and click on the given link
  • Download the data, unzip it and you can see all your comments in the folder.
  • That’s it.

This way you can see all your comments on Instagram. It is important to note that you can only see comments and you cannot delete all of them directly. However, you can use the reference to manually find your comments and then delete them.

How Do You See All The Posts You’ve Liked On Instagram?

Instagram also lets you see all the posts you’ve liked, but this comes with some limitations. The platform only lets you view the last 300 posts you liked, and you won’t be able to see old posts you liked on the app.

Here’s how you can see all the posts you’ve liked on Instagram.

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Now open Instagram.
  • Tap the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen
  • Now tap on the hamburger icon in the upper right corner of the screen and tap on it.
  • Go to Settings.
  • In the settings, navigate to the Account section and tap on it.
  • Navigate to and tap on Posts you like.
  • Here you’ll find the full 300 posts you’ve recently liked on Instagram.

This is how you can see all the posts you have liked on Instagram. You can also unlink posts you no longer like, and they will be removed from the list.

How Can I See My Old Comments On Instagram?

There is no direct way to check all your old comments on Instagram. However, you can request data from the settings and Instagram will send you the link which you can use to download your data, and you can see all your old comments there.

Can You See All The Posts You’ve Liked On Instagram?

Yes, Instagram allows its users to see their previous posts liked, but it has limitations. For example, the platform only lets you see your last 300 liked posts, and you won’t see old posts.

Why Can’t I See When Someone Likes My Comment On Instagram?

If you can’t see the person who liked your comment, it could be for two reasons. The first and most common reason is that the person may be unsure about it and has removed their like from your comment. In the second case, the person who liked your comment may have blocked you, preventing you from seeing their profile.

What If You Accidentally Liked A Comment On Instagram?

If you accidentally liked someone’s comment on Instagram and they have enabled push notifications on their device, they will receive the notification. However, if you delete the like, the notification will also be deleted after a few seconds. So if you accidentally like someone’s comment, they don’t, and in most cases, they won’t know if you liked their comment.

Can Someone Else Watch Posts You’ve Liked On Instagram?

There’s no way to see all of the other people’s likes on Instagram. However, you can manually follow another person’s likes, but it’s a very hectic process, and most people will avoid it.

Can Someone See If You Dislike A Post On Instagram?

If you liked someone’s post and later hate it, Instagram won’t let that user know. However, that user can still manually check the likes and determine that you removed your like from the post. So the best way to dislike the post is to wait a few days and then you hate it. In most cases, the person won’t realize that you removed your like from the post.…

Instagram: How To Pin Comments On Your Posts

Instagram is constantly integrating new features into its mobile application. Recently, for example, it is possible to pin up to three comments, which will then be highlighted.

Back in May, Instagram introduced several features it wanted to ” fight against online bullying .” Among them, there is the possibility of pinning comments. As often with this kind of news, it was first tested by a handful of users. In a tweet posted on July 7, 2020, the social network announced that said feature was now available to everyone.

It’s not as strong as mass deleting derogatory phrases, but the opportunity to pin comments can be an additional ” anti-bullying online ” tool. This is a way to convey positive messages by highlighting those who deserve it.

How To Pin Comments On Instagram

Pinning comments on Instagram couldn’t be simpler. Just go to a post, choose a comment, and swipe left until you see a drop-down menu with four options. From left to right: Pin, Reply, Report, and Delete. The ‘pinning’ functionality is symbolized by a thumbtack logo. Click on it and the comment in question will appear just below the publication (on top of the others).

Its author will receive a notification informing them of their current popularity and the comment will display the mention ‘Pinned’.

You can pin a maximum of three comments per post: the last pinned will be the one that appears first in the list. Comment replies, on the other hand, cannot be individually pinned: they are part of a single block.

Regret a pinned comment? You can reconsider your choice. On the comment in question, swipe left again and click on the thumbtack logo.