Learning how to implement search engine optimization

There are many ways you can go about learning how to properly implement search engine optimization onto website or onto an individual’s website that wishes to rank higher with in the search engines. One such way you can go about doing this is through extensive training that can be found on the Internet from various sources. One thing you must keep in mind when using these sources is the fact that everything said about search engine optimization needs to be taken with a grain of salt because search engine optimization is continually adapting and evolving and it’s always changing because the individuals who know search engine optimization are gaming the system in the search engines do not enjoy that at all. This is why they are continuously updating their algorithms and changing them in a way that makes it extremely difficult for individuals to manipulate their search engines. Of course there are several ways to go about manipulating the search engines but often times these ways are very tricky and very complex the need to be taught properly in order to be completely understand and properly implemented. The reason why you need to be thoroughly educated on the process of search engine optimization is largely due to the fact that one small mistake can completely destroy a website and unravel months and sometimes even years of work done to that site prior to the search engine optimization work an individual does.

One such thing that could go wrong and destroy a website are footprints. Footprints are virtually a trail leading back to the source who’s been working on the site. Generally this is done through the use of IP addresses. At the search engines can pinpoint an IP address that has several links pointing out to major sites that are all linking to each other this will cause a link will which will trigger a penalty. If you trigger a penalty within the search engines often times they will bump your site back a few pages and you will no longer be able to rank higher than that. You will oftentimes have to contact the search engines and request for a review of your site while also proving to them and showing them that you are not the individual responsible for building these links. Often times this can be detrimental but they will allow your site to come out of the penalty. But, more often than not they will not allow your site to come out of the penalty because you have been found guilty of manipulating links which is one of the things that the search engines frown upon very highly. This is one of the key reasons why you need to have an individual who was well trained and well versed in search engine optimization to teach you the ropes and show you how to properly implement links to a website because they are hands down one of the most powerful ways to go about ranking your site within the search engines other than having relevance behind the links but that is a topic of discussion for another time.

There are many ways to go about learning how to implement search engine optimization. One such way is to watch videos on YouTube that will show you how to do search engine optimization. You also need to keep in mind the one watching YouTube videos many of these individuals have not ever actually ranked a website for any of the keywords they talk about they are simply talking to talk. There are people that are of course very trustworthy and YouTube but they do not share all of the needed information because the information is very valuable and if everyone knows about it than it is very simple for the everyday individual to go about ranking their own site. This is one of the key reasons why search engine optimization is such a lucrative enterprise. It’s because many individuals do not properly implement the search engine optimization tactics properly and they blow up their websites. This is why many search engine optimization companies will charge a minimum of $5000 a month in order to rank a customer’s website. I personally know individuals that may well into the six figures per month through search engine optimization on the client side. Another way you can go about learning search engine optimization is through training and courses. You must keep in mind that these training and courses are often times very expensive and can cost into the thousands of dollars in order to partake. This is something you must be willing to pay in order to learn how to properly implement search engine optimization because if you do not learn properly the first time that you will acquire bad habits that will translate over to any websites you work on thus getting them penalized or de-indexed with in the search engines.