Ensuring sites aren’t penalized

One of the first things you want to make sure of when beginning any search engine optimization campaign and any website is to make sure that the site is not penalized. There are many reasons behind penalties but one of the main goals of the search engines have in regards to penalizing websites is largely due to the fact that there are many people out there that attempt to game the system in order to monetize the search engines through clicks. This is one of the main things that search engines are attempting to mitigate and they do this through the use of penalties. Penalties are virtually when your site has been found to have been attributed to something that is untrustworthy or disliked by the search engines. These are things that you want to keep clear of in the search engines are very open as to what can cause these penalties. In regards to this there are also countless people out there that intentionally go out and attempt to trigger these penalties to see how they react to websites and what happens to these websites. Lately Google has been releasing a lot of websites that have been penalized throughout the past few years because their new paying 14 algorithm is supposedly a continuously rolling out algorithm. This means that the algorithm is continuously updating the websites found within their search engines on a continuous basis in comparison to when they would occasionally release it once a quarter or once every six months.

There are a few signs that will help you find out if your website is penalized. One of the first things you’ll want to take into consideration is whether or not your website can be found on the first few pages of the search engines. If your website cannot be found within the first three pages of the search engines regardless on how many links you have sent to the site then you may have a penalty on the website. Another way you can go about finding out if your website is penalized or not is through putting your website’s name in the search string of a search engine. The next thing you want to do is delete the period between the domain name and the TLD attributed to that domain. Once you do this you will want to hit enter again and if your website shows up than that often times means that the website you are working with or working on is not penalized. If your website does not show up within the first few pages of depending on the amount of results showing up for those search results and the competition that are also showing up for those search results then your site may be penalized. Many factors come into play when doing this method and is one of the lesser-known tactics as to figuring out whether or not a website has penalty but it is also one of the most effective ways to determine whether or not your site is penalized. If you think your website might have a penalty attached to it we know of a guy who can help, his name is Dillion, he works over at MichiganSEOPro. He will be able to answer just about any question you could have about your website and why it isn’t ranking where you want it to. Reach out to him and ask him your questions, he told us it was ok if we sent you. You can find him here: SEO Company Michigan, SEO Detroit, SEO Grand Rapids – visit webpage, Waterford Search Engine Optimization, michiganseopro.com/west-bloomfield | visit today.

Finally you could always use Webmaster tools. Webmaster tools is a tool that is offered to you by Google that allows you to take an in-depth look at your website and see if you have any manual actions filed against your website. If you have manual actions filed against your website then you can request a manual review of the site and they could potentially release your website from the penalty. Often times this is not the case and generally speaking you will have to completely restart your website from the ground up because it has been penalized with in the search engines and more likely than not the site will never be released from that penalty. There are several other tactics that can be used to get around penalties such as 301 redirecting to new sites and then 301 redirecting those sites to other sites that is a completely different topic and when dealing with 301 redirect they are extremely unpredictable and you never really know what is going to happen. I would not recommend this to any new users or any new search engine optimization experts but I would recommend it to individuals who may have a site they are willing to test with and are not worried about the outcome that comes from that site or the effects that come because of the redirects.

Building optimized websites

Many things need to be taken into consideration when attempting to build an optimize website from the start. First of all you’ll want to completely break down every aspect of the site which you are attempting to build because everything needs to be taken into consideration in regards to fully put optimizing and properly optimizing a website. First of all you want to make sure that the URL or the actual domain name that you choose is optimized for the words you are attempting to rank for. For example if you are attempting to build a plumber site it is very advantageous to put the word plumber in the actual domain name that you are building along with the brand name of the company or business that you are building it for. The reasoning behind this is largely due to the fact that every time you receive a link from a citation, directory, or any other website that says your business names it’s also telling the search engines that your business is about plumbing. This helps them rank you for the keyword plumbing and often times your local area. Often times this is a very overlooked aspect as to optimizing a website but it is one of the first things you must take into consideration when attempting to rank a website in the search engines by having a properly optimized in the beginning. The next thing you want to take into consideration are the various pages or locations you will be attempting to rank for in the serps.

You want to make sure that you properly lay out your inner URLs with keyword dance URL strings because this will help the search engines to understand the topic that is on that page which will help that rank higher within the serps because the search engines will not have to dig around to understand what the topic on that page is. You also want to take in a consideration any siloing you may be doing on a website. Often times you want to stay away from siloing because it use to be a major benefit in regards to optimizing a website to have silos in place because it helps the search engines understand exactly what parent page was going to what child page which helped that move up in the serps very easily. Often times is also taken into consideration when you are building a very large site because it is extremely easy for the user to navigate from page to page if they are in a silo configuration. Currently this is not a wise move to make. Silos can make it extremely difficult to rank various websites and the pages within those websites because often times it is very confusing for the search engines to understand exactly what is going on. Often times inner URLs are separated by a dashing between the words and it when you have a silo they are separated by a backslash. This is something that the search engines are slowly moving away from so it needs to be taken into consideration when building out a new website whether or not you are going to create keyword dance in or URL strings or you are going to silo website.

Finally you want to take into consideration all the content that will be within the page. You want to make sure that you have properly filled out your titles, and meta-descriptions, as well as your H tags. You want to make sure that you only have a specific number of H tags per page. For example an H1 tag is a tag the you only want to use once but all the other H tags can be used multiple times. The reasoning behind this is largely due to the fact that the search engines look at what your H tags are because they are generally covering the major topics on that page and more specifically can tell the search engines what that page is about. If you have more than one H1 tags and this can be extremely confusing to the search engines and one of the biggest things you want to do when optimizing a page in building a website that you are going to attempt within the search engine is to mitigate the amount of confusion you are putting on the search engines. If you weave anything up to question then they will simply answer for themselves regardless of whether or not it is right or wrong and often times this can lead to major confusion which can extremely harm your overall ability to rank within the serps.


Building optimized links

Many individuals build optimized links I complete accident. But there are many aspects to and optimizing the need to be taken into consideration in order to call it optimized. You also want to take in a consideration that you do not want to optimize all the links pointing to a website because this is not natural. Everything about SEO needs to look natural in the eyes of the search engines even though you are personally manipulating it to alter your rankings. This is largely due to the fact that the search engines base everything off of ratios and if something is unnatural then it goes outside of a natural ratio then it will flag them and they will take a look at it personally. It is very easy to manipulate the search engine rankings when you are manipulating the robots but when an actual human being to your website… Links pointing to it is very easy for them to distinguish whether or not you are building links yourself or receiving them naturally. One of the first ways many individuals go about building optimized links to their site is to the anchor text of the link. They will often times have exact match keywords in their anchor text to help them move up in the serps. This is more so when old way of going about linking to sites because exact match anchor text can get a site penalized very easily and often times it is extremely unnatural for a link with an exact match to be pointed to your site especially if it is done over a certain percentage of the time. This is where most search engine optimization experts found themselves in a lot of trouble a few years ago when Google updated its algorithms to target exact match anchor text pointing to a site over a specific threshold.

working on off page optimizationOf course there are other ways to go about building optimized links for your website. First of all you can buy websites at auction and point them to your websites to help power up your websites with the link juice I will be passed from the auction domains to your site. The reason why you want to buy the sites at auction is largely due to the fact that when you buy them at auction they keep their age as well as all the power you are simply taking over that website. You will then host it on a separate hosting account to the registrar and make sure that each of your websites have individual IP addresses so that you do not create a footprint. Once you have done this you can build out the website and make it look as realistic as possible while adding and links pointing to whatever sites you want to rank for whatever specific anchor text you want to rank for. Often times you want to make sure that you add in a lot of generic and branded anchor text so that you build the authority of the site and every once in a while you can hit it with an exact match anchor text to open move up in the serps for those keywords. This is where the power of the domain name comes into play. If you have a domain name with a keyword in it and every time you hit it with a branded anchor text link you will be receiving credit for that brand name. For example if you are trying to rank for sports shoes and you have a domain name called the best sports shoes.com that every time you hit your website with a branded anchor text you will be hitting it with the exact keywords that you are attempting to rank for. This is the power of search engine optimization and knowing exactly what to do and when to do it and how to implement properly at each specific time within the campaign. If you’d like help setting up a campaign of your own or would just like someone else to do it for you we know just the guy, Dillion over at TopTierMarketingSEO knows how to do all of the things we mentioned. He told us he would be more than happy to help anyone we send his way, just go to his website and give him a call. Here’s how you can find him: http://toptiermarketingseo.com/, Detroit SEO Services | toptiermarketingseo.com/detroit, toptiermarketingseo.com/grand-rapids | Grand Rapids SEO Expert, http://toptiermarketingseo.com/waterford/, http://toptiermarketingseo.com/ann-arbor/.

Finally you will want to make sure that you are getting links from sites that are relevant. For example if you are a local plumber then you want to be getting links from sites that are about plumbing and those General services. These links will pass on more power to your site because they are relevant to the topic at which you are trying to rank for. Currently this is one of the biggest contributing factors to the sites that are ranking within the serps. Many people have come up with various names for it but I specifically call it smart linking. You want to implement smart linking when starting a new campaign on a new website. Smart linking is hands down one of the most effective ways to go about ranking a website and often times you don’t even need to power up your website with PBN’s because there are countless sites out there such as citations that will allow you to place a link on their site that are optimize and relevant to the topics that you can generally try to rank for in the local sector of search engine optimization. Often times it is more effective to use private blog network sites when ranking for affiliate terms because it is harder to get an affiliate type keyword anchor text linking to your site from another affiliate who was attempting to rank for the same keyword. Of course you can game the system and build domains that are specifically altered to help you rank for the specific keyword you are trying to rank for and then you can power them up with the private blog network but this is a an entirely different realm with a new level of difficulty which will be talked about in one of our future posts.



Learning how to implement search engine optimization

There are many ways you can go about learning how to properly implement search engine optimization onto website or onto an individual’s website that wishes to rank higher with in the search engines. One such way you can go about doing this is through extensive training that can be found on the Internet from various sources. One thing you must keep in mind when using these sources is the fact that everything said about search engine optimization needs to be taken with a grain of salt because search engine optimization is continually adapting and evolving and it’s always changing because the individuals who know search engine optimization are gaming the system in the search engines do not enjoy that at all. This is why they are continuously updating their algorithms and changing them in a way that makes it extremely difficult for individuals to manipulate their search engines. Of course there are several ways to go about manipulating the search engines but often times these ways are very tricky and very complex the need to be taught properly in order to be completely understand and properly implemented. The reason why you need to be thoroughly educated on the process of search engine optimization is largely due to the fact that one small mistake can completely destroy a website and unravel months and sometimes even years of work done to that site prior to the search engine optimization work an individual does.

One such thing that could go wrong and destroy a website are footprints. Footprints are virtually a trail leading back to the source who’s been working on the site. Generally this is done through the use of IP addresses. At the search engines can pinpoint an IP address that has several links pointing out to major sites that are all linking to each other this will cause a link will which will trigger a penalty. If you trigger a penalty within the search engines often times they will bump your site back a few pages and you will no longer be able to rank higher than that. You will oftentimes have to contact the search engines and request for a review of your site while also proving to them and showing them that you are not the individual responsible for building these links. Often times this can be detrimental but they will allow your site to come out of the penalty. But, more often than not they will not allow your site to come out of the penalty because you have been found guilty of manipulating links which is one of the things that the search engines frown upon very highly. This is one of the key reasons why you need to have an individual who was well trained and well versed in search engine optimization to teach you the ropes and show you how to properly implement links to a website because they are hands down one of the most powerful ways to go about ranking your site within the search engines other than having relevance behind the links but that is a topic of discussion for another time.

There are many ways to go about learning how to implement search engine optimization. One such way is to watch videos on YouTube that will show you how to do search engine optimization. You also need to keep in mind the one watching YouTube videos many of these individuals have not ever actually ranked a website for any of the keywords they talk about they are simply talking to talk. There are people that are of course very trustworthy and YouTube but they do not share all of the needed information because the information is very valuable and if everyone knows about it than it is very simple for the everyday individual to go about ranking their own site. This is one of the key reasons why search engine optimization is such a lucrative enterprise. It’s because many individuals do not properly implement the search engine optimization tactics properly and they blow up their websites. This is why many search engine optimization companies will charge a minimum of $5000 a month in order to rank a customer’s website. I personally know individuals that may well into the six figures per month through search engine optimization on the client side. Another way you can go about learning search engine optimization is through training and courses. You must keep in mind that these training and courses are often times very expensive and can cost into the thousands of dollars in order to partake. This is something you must be willing to pay in order to learn how to properly implement search engine optimization because if you do not learn properly the first time that you will acquire bad habits that will translate over to any websites you work on thus getting them penalized or de-indexed with in the search engines.



The wait is finally over

We know we’ve been out of your lives for sometime but we were busy chasing ghosts. We’re finally done with that know, and we know you will all be happy to know that we were thinking about you the entire time. While we were out and about we made some new friends that are very knowledgeable when it comes to working on the internet and driving people to their websites. They were nice enough to reveal some of this information with us and we are now going to share it all with you. They will also be making special appearances on our site to share the even deeper information that they wouldn’t share with us at the time, but they’ve promised to share it with all of you. We are very excited and we know the information we are about to share with you is going to blow your minds. Stay in touch because we are going to be back very soon!